A Foundation of Compassion

Celestial Care seeks to provide you and your loved ones the personal care and support needed to maintain independence and quality of life in the comfort of your own home. Our staff is made up of trained and naturally kind professionals; reliable companions who will be there when you need them.We will fill short and long term temporary help as needed. We look forward to working with you.

Our Mission Statement
Celestial Care employees enjoy being of service to others in our chosen profession of caring for the sick and afflicted. We have a compassionate nature and maintain a good attitude. We enjoy our profession and are hard working. We meet our daily challenges and strive to better ourselves by looking forward to obtaining more knowledge in our field of work.

“My background as an LPN working in geriatric care is the strong foundation upon which Celestial Care was built.”

Linda A. Twelmeyer, Owner
An LPN since 1973, Linda Twelmeyer has hospital, nursing home, clinical, and private duty experience. She founded Celestial Care in 2001 and has managed the company since that time. Mrs. Twelmeyer is well respected by her employees, facility staff coordinators, D.O.N.s and Administrators alike. Her personal integrity and compassion are hallmarks of Celestial Care.

A Bright Future
Celestial Care continues to grow and gain new clients each year. We have built a strong reputation for quality care and pride ourselves on our diverse and ever-growing menu of services. We look forward to continue providing outstanding staff for your existing and future temporary needs.

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